Recent Works

School bike store

Bike store

A large, gated bike store built in school grounds.

Garden arch

Rustic garden arch for climbing roses built using chestnut poles with bark left on.

High deck over sandpit.

Built as part of a large adventure play area, this high platform over a sandpit acts as a simple lookout tower and the climbing net provides fun access.


An octagonal gazebo built for use as a school seating shelter, using douglas fir posts and western red cedar roof boards.

Childrens play hut with log table

A small 'teepee' style play hut with log table and seating. Built for a local childrens nursery.

Garden deck.

Previously an overgrown and messy patch of garden, this small area of decking over a garden pond makes use of an awkward corner and now provides enough room for a table and chair set.

Small raised deck

A small raised hexagonal platform set amongst the trees on the edge of a playing field. Built as somewhere to sit, talk, play and lookout.